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Avango Couriers are local transport service providers that can collect from anywhere in Salford within 90 minutes and deliver across the UK on the same day. We have access to a variety of vehicle sizes that means we can offer competitive pricing no matter whether you need to transport small or large items. From packages to pallets, we can handle it all.

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District Area || Worsley - Pendlebury - Swinton - Farnworth - Irlam

We’re Right Next Door!

No matter which area of the Salford District Area you are based in, we’re only around 10 miles away at most. That means quick collections times and lower prices (because we don’t need to cover our costs to reach you).

We have vast experience of the whole area having operated as a transport services provider here for almost 10 years. We’re frequently buzzing around places like Agecroft and Salford Quays – Media City is a hive of moving goods (sorry for all the Bee-puns, we’re proud of our Greater Manchester heritage!)

We Go All Over The UK!

We like to let the people of Greater Manchester and Salford know we’re local, but that doesn’t mean we only deliver to local areas. We’re happy to transport goods all over the UK mainland (and some Islands too…).

Sizes, Shapes & Types || Not sure what we can carry? Just ask us

People often ask what types of things we deliver and the simple answer is – almost anything! We’ve carried clothing and cladding, boxes and building materials, fabrics and film equipment, pallets and plumbing supplies. If it needs collecting from one location and delivering to another, we’ll try to find a way to do it.

We need an idea of the sizes, weights and volumes and from there we can start to figure out the answer.

The only things we CAN’T carry are goods classified as Hazardous (ADR). These are things like chemicals, solvents, paints etc. Don’t worry – if you’re not sure if something is hazardous, it probably isn’t. The people that handle those items usually know!

A Quote is Just a Phone Call Away || Tel: 0161 667 1502

Let’s get the conversation started
We like to think we’re a friendly bunch and even if you just need some help figuring out how to transport something, we’re here. If you prefer to enquire in writing, there is a contact form on the Avango Couriers Manchester homepage

Some of our basic prices are listed below.

Eco-Friendly Delivery Service Prices || Minimum Charges and Payment Options

Small Van


Large Van


Extra-Large Van


Prices shown above are the minimum charge for first 30 miles from the collection address.

Our standard prices are based on:

The size of the delivery vehicle you require.
The larger the van required, the more the job is likely to cost.

The distance between collection address and final delivery location.
There is a minimum charge applied to the first 30 miles of all deliveries. A per-mile charge is then used from the 31st mile. Eco-friendly deliveries have a lower mileage rate than same-day deliveries.

You can read more about Climate Change here

If you would like a written Eco-friendly delivery quote please use the contact form

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