Express Pallet Distribution

Nationwide palletised goods transport service

Pallet deliveries are the go-to method of transporting commercial goods around the world in large volumes. Overnight hauliers ship huge numbers of palletised loads around the UK every day. But sometimes, an express option can be more efficient AND more cost-effective.

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Why Wait? || Reduce the gap between despatch and delivery

Production deadlines to meet? Customers desperate for delivery of goods?

A Same Day Pallet Delivery can reduce the stress on your business by cutting the time between the goods leaving the despatch address and arriving at the delivery address.

A van can travel from Manchester to London in 4-5 hours. This relatively short journey time is a huge benefit when goods are needed urgently.

Here at Avango Couriers we can transport up to 4 pallets in a single standard van (subject to weight limit) and move them across the country in a matter of hours.

Even better – we can do this for around £400, a similar price to what overnight pallet companies charge.

Reduce Your Shipping Risks || Direct Pallet Deliveries Don't Need Transhipping

The biggest risk your goods face when they leave the warehouse is loss or damage in transit. That risk is massively reduced when you send direct.

Firstly, overnight networks use transfer hubs where trucks are offloaded, pallets re-organised and then moved onto different trailers to run the ‘trunk’ leg, then changed again at the local hub onto the final delivery vehicle.

All that offloading and reloading places pallets at risk. The more you tranship, the more it’s likely to happen. Instead, with a direct delivery between sender and recipient there’s no need to worry about constantly moving the goods to and from vehicles.

Secondly, many overnight haulage services require trucks to park up when they reach their driving limits. This puts thousands of pounds-worth of goods at risk of theft when trailers are parked in unsecure locations. Vans that are driven straight from collection to delivery very rarely need to stop.


Pallet Distribution Prices || Minimum Charges and Payment Options

New customers get a 10% discount off their first 10 bookings

Large Van (up to 3 pallets)


X-Large Van (up to 4 plts)


Prices shown above are the standard minimum charge for the first 30 miles from the collection address, based on most common choices for customers. Single pallet (small-medium sized van) loads start from £50 for first 30 miles.

We’re happy to provide you with a tailored FREE, no obligation quote for both one-off and regular distribution services. The more you use us, the better our rates can be. We offer discounts for fast payment of invoices. Account facilities can be provided depending on volume of bookings and subject to status.

Not sure what a pallet is? Find out more here

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