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We all know that we need to make changes to help improve air quality, for all sorts of reasons including Climate Change and public health. Courier companies have an important part to play and we’re making efforts to do whatever we can to help by becoming a more eco-friendly courier company.

In 2019 we ditched our last Euro 5 diesel van and upgraded to Euro 6. Now, in 2020 we’ve launched our new Eco-friendly service to give customers more options to reduce their (and our) Carbon Footprint. Read more about these new services below.

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Reducing Emissions || Back-Loads and Co-Loads

Back-Loads – Use A Vehicle Heading Home
One of the most simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to make use of a vehicle that is already moving.

When a customer chooses an urgent same-day delivery, we assign an available driver to drive to the collection point, load the goods and drive to the delivery location. Once that delivery is complete, the driver often has no choice but to make the journey home with an empty vehicle. That’s where Back-Loads come in.

If the driver is able to collect a load that is heading in the direction of their home location, it reduces the waste involved in the journey. The trouble is, it’s hard to synchronise loads to move at the same time.

One way we can make it work, is with more time. If you give us up to 48 hours to get your goods collected, we can use the power of our network to find vehicles that are heading home empty.

Co-Loads – Using Spare Space
You can probably guess how this works. Where Back-loads make use of an empty vehicle returning home, Co-Loads make use of empty space in a vehicle heading in the same direction.

If your goods are not fragile and you are happy to share space with another load, then let us know. We can find vehicles that are only part-loaded and make better use of them. That way, you’re not causing any extra emissions, as the vehicle was already on that route.

Electric Only? || Coming Soon

This winds of change are upon us, and here at Avango we’re willing to change with them. It’s no secret that Electric vehicles are going to be a huge part of the future, but right now electric commercial vehicles are lacking the full potential. Their range is severely limited compared to diesel engines, meaning we can’t currently use them for many long-distance deliveries.

We’re keeping a close eye on the development of them and in 2021 we may invest in smaller electric vehicles to specifically use on town centre work.

If you’re interested in using an Electric-only delivery service, please let us know. The more people who show interest, the more viable it will make it for us to purchase electric vehicles.

Plant a Tree || Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Hire a Courier, Plant a Tree.
We’re looking into the possibility of planting trees for all deliveries we complete with our diesel vehicles. As soon as we have this in place we will update this page with the full information.

If you are interested in this facility please let us know.

Eco-Friendly Delivery Service Prices || Minimum Charges and Payment Options

Small Van


Large Van


Extra-Large Van


Prices shown above are the minimum charge for first 30 miles from the collection address.

Our standard prices are based on:

The size of the delivery vehicle you require.
The larger the van required, the more the job is likely to cost.

The distance between collection address and final delivery location.
There is a minimum charge applied to the first 30 miles of all deliveries. A per-mile charge is then used from the 31st mile. Eco-friendly deliveries have a lower mileage rate than same-day deliveries.

You can read more about Climate Change here

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