All About Us and Our Company

Never heard of us before? Well if you have a few minutes spare, why not read the story of how Avango Couriers came about?

The Beginning
Towards the end of 2011 a friend of ours asked for help trying to create a website. The intention was to drum up some extra work for himself as a delivery driver. It worked, in fact better than expected.

Before long we weren’t just running a website for him, we were doing the deliveries ourselves. We launched our own business ‘Moov-U’ and started handing all kinds of work, from small removals to deliveries of palletised goods.

Over time, the commercial work grew more rapidly. Towards the end of 2013 we decided that we wanted to drop the removals work (not literally, no plates were broken) and instead focus on working directly with businesses on a professional courier level.

Present Day
Avango has developed into is a small but capable, family run delivery business. We have evolved steadily over the last few years since our initial formation as a local private delivery service and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved.

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Pivotal Business Moments

In the first quarter of 2014 ‘Avango Couriers’ was finally launched and the result is what you see here today. Since then we have worked for some of the biggest companies operating in the UK.

We’ve completed contract work for one of the UK’s biggest parcel networks, handled daily distribution to John Lewis stores and delivered very high-value production line equipment to UK Car manufacturers.


Avango was launched

and went on to steady progress through working with other couriers on a sub-contract basis for the next 12-18 months


Our first major client

Delivery and return of high-end electronic equipment, requiring extra care and attention. They are still with us in 2020!


Avango survives CV-19 Lockdown

We are thankful to the clients that helped us survive one of the most difficult trading moments in history.

The Team

Stuart: The Boss / Driver / Accounts etc...

Okay I might be the person in charge according to the paperwork, but I still look to my Dad, John, for plenty of advice and wisdom. I can be found constantly working on our websites, driving or stacking boxes.

Special skills include: Mapping routes on Google and saying yes to most things.

If you want to know more about me or connect on a professional level, look at My LinkedIn Profile.

John: Senior Logistics Consultant

Fancy title, but I’m actually officially retired and just like to help out on a volunteer basis. I can be found in the passenger seat quite often navigating, emailing and handing out the mints on long journeys.

Special skills include: Optimism, Geography and General Knowledge.

Sandra: Catering

I’m not an official employee. I’m far too important for that. But I like to help the team out so I create the culinary delights that keep this little army going.

Special skills include: Fantastic cups of tea, best English breakfast ever.

Leanne: The one that knows Facebook and stuff

I don’t work here either. Not properly. I just post things on the social media channels from the comfort of my own home while the others do the delivery work.

Special skills include: Chatting on Whatsapp, Photoshopping funny pictures.

Will you be the next part of our story?

Here at Avango, we pride ourselves on being a small enough company that we still offer the very best to each customer. We don’t have thousands of customers. We know everyone we regularly work with by name and want that to always be the case. So if you want the right courier, not just ANY courier, then we’re here when you’re ready.

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Official Details

Registered in England and Wales at Companies House
Limited Company Number: 08884148

Registered Office address:
43 Treen Road, Astley, Tyldesley, Manchester M29 7HD. Tel: 0161 667 1502

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